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How To Make Money With Domain Parking

What is Domain Parking? Domain parking is pretty simple, really. You let a parking company display ads on your domain. The parking company normally has a contract with Google or Yahoo! to use their ad feeds. A visitor to your domain clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays Google or Yahoo!; Google or Yahoo! pay […]

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Should I Buy WhoIs Domain Privacy?

What Is Domain Privacy Protection? Domain privacy or WhoIs protection (different registrars sometimes refer to it by different names) hides the domain registrant’s personal information from the public WhoIs database. WhoIs is an organization that manages all data regarding domain registration. How Do You Make Your Domain Private? You should do this when you buy […]

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Famous Domain Disputes Of The Internet

Below are the internet’s most interesting domain disputes. They all got settled in some way… Domain Dispute There were two interesting domain situations with Microsoft. The actual domain was not at dispute, however two versions have been. First, the domain with a zero instead of the letter ‘o’ was registered by the […]

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How to Choose Domains For Flipping

The Truth About Domain Flipping Many people think that and it is promoted that domain buying and selling is an easy methods of making quick money. Stories of having made $20,000 in a month with domain flipping can be very motivating. And that sort of stuff does take place. (check the 100 biggest YTD domain […]

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Free Domains, Cheapest Renewal, Coupons, Deals

Note: If you want to get notifications about new deals, sign up for the mailing list. We all like free or cheap. Even though this is unusual in domain names, there are a few. While you may be looking for the cheapest domain name registrar and trying to save money, don’t forget that cheapest isn’t […]

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What Is ICANN?

Updated 9 Sept 2017 Whoever controls the internet’s address book can also censor the internet: delete a domain name and the website can no longer be found. That is why, as the internet grew up, America decided not to hand control to the United Nations or another international body steered by governments. Instead, in 1998 […]

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