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Migrating Your WordPress Site

What’s the easiest way to migrate your WordPress site? After you read this article, you will find it very easy. Go to your old host cPanel, find PhpMyAdmin under data bases. Open it and then open your database. At the bottom left area you will find a button “check all”. Then in the middle bottom […]

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The Saga of Switching My Site To SSL

When I started this site, I decided to move it t SSL. I ran into an article: How to Get a Free SSL Certificate (and Why Google is Forcing You To) Let’s Encrypt It appeared that getting and installing an SSL certificate is really easy from Let’s Encrypt. Not exactly. Many things can go wrong. […]

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Setup Checklist for A New Blog

Before You Start Your Blog The hardest part of starting a blog is writing all of the content, right? Not necessarily. Before you even begin picking topics and creating content, there’s some work to do to get your blog set up and running — the design, settings, plugins, comments, social sharing buttons, etc. So where […]

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