Buy An Expired Domain – Beat The Competition

Many SEO specialists understand the overall importance of domains in capturing a large part of the market – which is why many of them buy expired domains as an investment or for their personal business success. But what exactly can this do for you? What Are Expired Domains? Essentially, expired domains are domains that were … Read more

What Is ICANN?

Updated 9 Sept 2017 Whoever controls the internet’s address book can also censor the internet: delete a domain name and the website can no longer be found. That is why, as the internet grew up, America decided not to hand control to the United Nations or another international body steered by governments. Instead, in 1998 … Read more

The No.1 Benefit of Expired Domains

Low Cost, Targeted Website Traffic Over the years millions of domain names have been purchased – many ofwhich developed into fully active and thriving websites. To promote theirsites, the owners would have invested time, money and effort in promotingthem on search engines, directories, forums and no doubt a whole raft ofadvertising and links on other … Read more