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Expireddomains.net is a great site, and best of all, there is no fee to use it. It lists domains that are expiring and also domains that have expired and are deleted. It also has several different metrics to help you find your ideal domain name.

The only problem is that you cannot buy a domain solely based on the data it provides. You can, however, use its database to pre-select domains, and then review the select ones for their backlink profile, spam, etc. to finalize the domain you want to register.

Expireddomains.net doesn’t have an API but they are planning to create one in the future.

There following sites are worth checking out:

Hammerhead Domains

They have a few awesome features.

ONE is the free domains.

hammerhead domains

So, you can literally get domains for free if you go and sign up for a free account.

The domains are not all spam-free so you will have to check domains for spam, but they’ve developed some special filters so you don’t waste much time looking through the lists of obviously spammed domains.

Josh, the creator of Hammerhead Domains, did a free in-depth tutorial on spam checking, called How to Get Cheap PBN Domains that Actually Help You Rank.

Hammerhead Domains offers a Pro membership for $19/month that gets you access to a lot more domains each day, including DA20+ domains.

A big perk of the Pro membership is that from the day you subscribe any domains which aren’t registered on the day they’re released, get added to your Vault, and after a while you’ll build up thousands of domains in your Vault.

One more product that Hammerhead Domains offers is Topical Domain Lists. As a free or a Pro member, you can get a list of 50 domains with Majestic Topical Trust in your niche for $97.


Every day 60,000 – 85,000 .com and .net domain names become available on the ‘daily Drop’.

These domain names are released from the central registry beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET during the Drop, which lasts an average of 45 minutes. The Drop can slow down or speed up based on how competitive the drop is on any given day.

The Drop has become an extremely competitive market where advanced computer algorithms have a remarkable advantage by detecting the precise millisecond a domain name becomes available and issuing hundreds of consecutive purchase attempts at once.

These computer algorithms are extremely difficult to beat, making it nearly impossible to compete with them – unless you use a drop catching service. DropCatch.com was invented for this purpose, to give you an equal opportunity, and features world-class algorithms that help you secure these valuable domain names on the drop. DropCatch.com’s success rate is one of the highest in the industry.

If the domain name you want is currently in the 5-day Pending Delete stage in the drop lifecycle, you can initiate a backorder through DropCatch.com. If they acquire the domain, you are charged a one-time fee of $59. You assume immediate ownership and the domain is yours!


This is a place where you can find the highest quality domain names, even with a value of over $10,000. Their pre-release domain names are not available anywhere else and they are located at NameJet’s partner registrars, the world’s top and oldest registrars, including Network Solutions, eNom, BigRock and a few other partner sites. Unfortunately the site provides no traffic numbers or domain valuations.

NameJet has a little bit of everything, it has expiring domain names, pending delete domains and users selling domains. You can get some good deals on there and great domain names to build into six figure websites.

NameJet has a domain backorder service that costs $69. (Backorders are taken place only when the domain name is in ‘Pending Delete’ status.) If you are the only person bidding for the domain, you get it for $69. If there are other people going for the same domain name, it will go on private auction. In this case you get the domain if you have the winning bit at auction expiration. If you don’t win the domain, you don’t pay anything.


Of course everyone knows GoDaddy Auctions. You can bid on expiring domain names anywhere from $5 to $100,000. Please note that this price doesn’t include the domain renewal fee and doesn’t include domain privacy either. I am not going into details but you can check the Guide to GoDaddy Auctions.


his is another site where you can get premium domain names, just like NameJet. Moniker or Network Solutions are the only supported registrars that are used on SnapNames. Both registrars are very highly regarded and typically used by larger companies as domain name costs are rather high on those sites.

At SnapNames you can search, bid, buy now, or make an offer on available domains – or backorder the domain you want at $79. With a backorder, the domain is not expected to become available for at least 36 days. SnapNames will watch for and try to obtain the domain name for you if and when it becomes available. You will not be charged unless SnapNames acquires the name for you and you are the winner of the resulting auction, which only applies if more than one person places a backorder on that particular domain name.


You can use their Aftermarket search tool to find expiring and premium domain names. You can search by keyword, or you can search for a specific domain. Their aftermarket domains start at $15.99 plus annual renewal, which is $12.99 for a .com domain. Their premium domains start at a few hundred dollars.


Since May 8, 2017 Moonsy offers access to their expired domains list ONLY as paid monthly subscription for $29 USD per month. This is due to the fact that a large number of people were misusing their service by opening multiple accounts and using these to scrape domains.

They also display a list of expired domains from GoDaddy Auctions with their Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and many other important SEO metrics.

They also have a free Domain Authority Checker, however it says “temporarily not working”.

They call themselves the World’s Largest Domain Marketplace and they have been in business since 2007.


In addition they spend a lot of our time and resources in ensuring that they have the most exhaustive list of expired domains that you can find anywhere.

They also have pages that display auctions from GoDaddy, NameJet and DynaDot along with their metrics such as Ahrefs DR, Moz DA, Majestic TF, and CF.

Their subscription plans start at $42/month with access to the expiring section, but it costs $74 per month to have access to both the expiring and expired domains section.

They just announced a yearly plan with 30-35 percent savings.

They do not have a free trial, but they offer a free 2 day money back guarantee. After purchasing a plan, you can email them within 2 days for a complete refund.


There is no fee to place a backorder on a deleting domain on Pool.com. You pay only if the domain is successfully acquired for you. The price you pay if a deleting domain is acquired for you is $60 USD if you are the only customer who requested the domain. If more than one customer acquired the domain, all customers enter a short auction to determine the final price.

After payment is received, Pool.com will push the domain into an account with our acquisition registrar partner, Rebel. If this is your first backorder then a new account will be created for you, and the same account will be used again for any further fulfilled backorders. Rebel provides a commercial registrar interface where you can manage your domain. While you will be free to transfer out the domain if you prefer using another registrar, per ICANN rules the domain will be locked for a minimum of sixty (60) days from the registration date.


Another expired domain dropcatch website. Pheenix uses multiple registrars but all the domain names can be managed from one central location: pheenix.com.


Dropping.com finds expiring, auctioning and available domain names that have value to domain investors, web site owners and SEO marketers. their subscription plans start at $49.95/month.
  • Access the most comprehensive database of domains spanning all drop-catch services and marketplaces.
  • Over 7.5 million searchable domains with 250,000 auctioning and dropping every day.
  • 100 data points per domain (50 more than competition) including CPC, Search Volume, Pagerank, EstiBot® value, Alexa, SERP and much more.
  • One Click Bid/Buy/Backorder so you never have to leave Dropping.com.
  • Proprietry data sources and research tools including historical whois, historical pagerank, backlink reporting, industry sales reports, competitive intelligence reports, zone file access and dozens more.


They advertise they find domains for PBNs. At the time I looked, they had 189 domains listed. Their listings look like this:

Autos & Vehicles

******************.com, TF24, CF20, DA8, PA21, DR25, LRD19 – $20.00

Business & Industry

********.net, TF26, CF21, DA7, PA21, DR44, LRD12 – $25.00


***********.net, TF24, CF23, DA6, PA22, DR26, LRD12 – $20.00


******************.com, TF22, CF21, DA8, PA23, DR31, LRD13 – $20.00

Pets & Animals

***************.org, TF24, CF22, DA11, PA26, DR33, LRD11 – $20.00

***-******-*******.com, TF29, CF19, DA10, PA24, DR24, LRD12 – $25.00

**-****-***-***.com, TF22, CF20, DA17, PA31, DR35, LRD12 – $20.00


***************.org, TF24, CF22, DA11, PA26, DR33, LRD11 – $20.00

**********.com, TF21, CF19, DA10, PA24, DR27, LRD14 – $20.00

******************.com, TF22, CF21, DA8, PA23, DR31, LRD13 – $20.00


**************.com, TF22, CF22, DA9, PA24, DR33, LRD23 – $20.00

**********************.com, TF21, CF20, DA1, PA1, DR29, LRD10 – $20.00

Outdoors & Adventure

**********.com, TF21, CF19, DA10, PA24, DR27, LRD14 – $20.00

Software Development

**********.com, TF22, CF24, DA12, PA26, DR28, LRD20 – $20.00

Real Estate

***********.net, TF24, CF23, DA6, PA22, DR26, LRD12 – $20.00


Sedo is a domain auction site. It also has dedicated brokers to help you buy or sell your domain. If you sell on Sedo, you will be able to use an escrow service to make sure both parties are satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Most sellers don’t know that you can also sell websites on Sedo. It certainly is not the best place for selling them but it is completely free to list them in their marketplace. Once you receive an offer for the website you will have the option of countering or accepting
with the prospective buyer or sending the project to auction in their marketplace which will draw loads of traffic to your project.

Expired Domain Software

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth is a free tool designed to simply find dead links.

This is how you can use it:

1. Enter the URL of one web site. It’ll crawl the site looking at all of the outbound links. When it’s done, it’ll simply report to you the dead links it finds.

2. Take that list of dead links, copy and paste it into Excel. Pull the domain names out of the URLs.

3. Process this list of domains using a bulk domain availability checker (a function available on many domain registrar web sites).

4. Filter out the domains which are available.

5. Look up the domain’s Moz Metrics using Open Site Explorer needs to be performed one domain at a time.

6. Look up the domain’s Majestic metrics, one domain at a time.

7. Perform these steps hundreds or thousands of times for each expired domain that you found.


For $38 per month you get 120 Hours Crawl Time, 30,000 Metrics Credits with Majestic Metrics. It has higher plans and also a pay-as-you-go plan.

It crawls at thousands of URLs per minute, establishing dead links as it goes (and predicting expired domains using a complex and proprietary algorithm to find more domains in less time).

Establishes which domains are available based from the list of dead links it has established.

Validates each domain’s availability with a domain registrar, or using live WHOIS data

Fetches the Moz metrics for each and every single domain using Moz’s Linkscape API (the same data used in Open Site Explorer)

Fetches the Majestic metrics for each domain, whose Moz metrics are great enough to make it worthwile (Majestic data is quite expensive via their API) – including TrustFlow topics, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Referring IPs and more.

PBN Lab’s crawler reports to your dashboard only the available domains found – including all of their collected metrics in a simple and easy to use dynamic view, where you can quickly and easily filter all of your domains by their metrics, or TLD type. For just the last crawl you ran, or all of your previous crawls combined.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

The key tool in Domain Hunter Gatherer is the Expired Domain Hunter, which is only available in the paid version. You just enter your keywords, and in just minutes you’ll get a massive list of related expired domains available for registration. You’ll see every detail and metric you need to consider, including TF/CF, DA, PR, numbers of backlinks and social signals, and much more. You’ll see the domain’s age, if it is listed in the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ, and whether it’s already indexed in Google. Just right-click, and you can see a domain’s backlink profile.

The software also has an Aged Web 2.0 Account Finder, which is available in the paid version. You can then register these accounts and boost your link profile.

The software also has a Domain Auction Hunter, which is available in the free version and this is what we will use to find our expiring domains from the different expiring auctions. The software will let you also see all premium domains available on major auction sites (with some metrics and prices).

The list generated by the Expired Domain Hunter includes all the domain auction websites for expiring domains and premium auctions and it also shows how much time is left till the end of the auction. After you create the original list, click on “Analyse Domains” and Expired Domain Hunter will take a while, depending on your internet speed, to download the missing data. The free version only downloads part of the data.


Pricing: $37/week or $97/month

Stop wasting your time & money searching for expired domains. Get everything you need in ONE TOOL.

Multi-threaded spider will drastically reduce the time spent looking for expired domains – you can use all that free time to concentrate on your business.

Ronin pulls back the most important metrics from both Moz and Majestic. You’ll be able to see DA, PA, TF, CF, PR as well as the number of back-links to the domain.

A built-in spam checker called SpamZilla will automatically check your expired domains for 7 different layers of spam while its still crawling.

Included in your Domain Ronin monthly subscription is access to our Seed List Generation video course. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll know how to find an endless amount of niche targeted expired domains.

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