How Long Before Expired Domain Becomes Available?

Usually, a domain name is not available for re-registration as soon as it expires. See the Domain Name Expiration Process.

Totally it will take up to 70–75 days, depending upon certain registrar.

The domain deletion process goes as follows:

  • Redemption Grace Period of 1-45 days
  • Redemption Period – 30 Days
  • Deletion Days – up to 5 Days

Lets say a “” has an expire date “X”.

During X+45 days, the domain is still under the registrant name in a “GRACE PERIOD” status. The domain will not work anymore tough. It is still possible for the original owner to pay the renewal fee.

During (X+45)+30 days, the domain get into a “REDEMPTION PERIOD” status. The domain definitely does not work, (obviously) and the registrant information is no longer available on the WhoIs. It can still be renewed but there maybe a penalty for doing so.

During (X+45)+30+5 days is the ELIMINATION wait period, the domain is waiting to be “deleted”. After that, it MAY be available to the general public, but the most common situation nowadays is for domains to be captured by some domain resale or backorder engine and resold by auction.

note: The 45 and the 30 days may vary by registrar.