How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your $5K Site

Monetizing your website is where your profits will come from. There are several different ways you can do this.

  • You could have your own physical products to sell, as in a store
  • You could sell information products, e-books, software, etc.
  • You could collect affiliate commissions

Different affiliate programs follow different models.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA) model pays you for specific actions and it can be simple form submissions, downloads, surveys, etc.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) model pays for leads and it’s usually a “signup” that involves email or credit card verification (because it makes the lead more valuable).
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) model as you probably know pays for “clicks” — no matter whether your referral traffic helped them generate a lead/sale or not.
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS) model pays for actual sales and it means they share a percentage of sale value with you.

Most people mean this last one when they talk about affiliate programs.

Most people tell you to sign up for affiliate program networks and promote available programs. The problem is you are not necessarily familiar with those promoted programs and a lot of people are already promoting them. Many times you also need to get approved by these affiliate networks and you need to have a site and traffic that satisfies certain requirements.

An Inventive Way to Find Affiliate Programs

While you can still do the above, I found a much easier way to find affiliate programs. You take the main authority site of your niche and you can do two things.

1. See what affiliate programs it is promoting. They are probably well-known in the niche and lucrative. The site must be making money out of it, otherwise it would not be promoting it.

2. An even better method is to enter the name of the site into a backlink checker and look at the sites linking to it. There may be affiliate programs promoted on these sites, or the linking sites themselves may have an affiliate program. Many times you will not see an affiliate signup link directly on the website, but you will need to search on Google to find it, “’site name’ affiliate program”.

Of course you need to make sure these are quality products and affiliate programs.

This method is great for not just finding affiliate programs, but also resources, sites you could get links from and even content ideas for your site. Just to give you an idea, I found about 40 affiliate programs when I was doing this, and I wasn’t even looking everything.

Other Ways To Find Affiliate Programs

Another way to do this is through social media.

Look at the profiles/websites of your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, groups you are a member of.

Sign up for mailing lists and monitor the e-mails you get. You don’t need to read everything, but watch out for affiliate programs you are interested in promoting.

What Kind Of Programs To Pick

Ensure that you have both low-ticket and high-ticket programs you promote.

While a lot of people will only sign up for lower priced programs, the sale of higher priced ones will bring your site’s earnings to a higher level.

Make sure that you are familiar with the programs you promote and either you yourself tried it or you know for a fact that they actually work. Doing so will greatly increase your credibility.

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