The Best Domain Name Ideas for Your Website

I will now show you how to register a premium quality domain with backlinks for just $8.99.

Using A Domain Name Generator

Should you use a domain name generator or a business name generator to find your perfect domain?

Unfortunately this is not how you are going to find your dream domain for your website that will make you $5,000 a month:

We’re sorry, is taken.

Select a suitable alternative

  •$14.99 $0.99/year
  •$19.99 $0.99/year
  •$19.99 $8.99/year
  •$14.99 $0.99/year
  •$19.99 $0.99/year
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  •$19.99 $8.99/year
  •$39.99 $4.99/year

How cheesy is that?

You can see the above tool on many websites and, per statistics, it increases domain name registration profits by 10-15 percent.

Good for those websites. However you should never use these tools to name your own website, as you will be missing out on a lot of benefits.

Getting A Good Domain

It is super important to choose a good domain for your blog. There are some long-winded domains like This is really long, has too many words, your potential visitors will spend too much time just typing the domain that they will just give up.

Also, before the era of Google Penguin, such domains were ranking well in Google and spammers utilized this to rank their spammy websites on the first page of Google. Therefore such domain names have a spammy connotation and you are likely to get penalized by Google if you pick such a domain.

So find a short domain name that has your keyword and something else to make it more interesting. It also needs to be highly brandable, easy to remember and sound good.

Expired Domain vs New Domain

Not all domains are created equal. Let me explain it more. After you selected your niche, you have a few ways you can go.

  1. You can choose a brand new domain
  2. You can re-register a deleted domain / bid on an expiring domain on an auction (see the domain expiration process)
  3. You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a premium domain on an auction site

Your First Option For Registering Your Domain Name

Here is a brand new domain that I registered about 8 months ago.

This is from Moz Open Site Explorer, it looks really blank:

And this screenshot is from SEO SpyGlass:

Your Second Option For Registering Your Domain Name

Here is your second option: A domain that was deleted and is now re-registered.

This first screenshot is, at the time of registration, from Moz, which is known for not having all backlinks in their database:

SEO SpyGlass shows you much more:

And here you can also see the anchor texts nicely diversified.


As you can see, the deleted and re-registered domain has a healthy backlink structure.

Majestic at the same time gave a 200 link count.

If you are wondering about the difference in number of backlinks between Moz and SEO SpyGlass, here is the explanation.

Because Moz’s backlink database is small, in reality the second site’s DA and PA is even higher than shown.

Some people will ask, is it correct to register an expired domain?

I will answer with a question: Is it correct to buy a used car or a pair of jeans in a thrift store?

No difference really. As long as you honestly build your site with quality content, you will have no problems.

The Sandbox

The sandbox is when you have links pointing to a site and you see little to no ranking benefit in Google.

Around mid-2014 SEO’s started to see a sandboxing effect on new domains that had been recently registered. Before that time, they used to be able to register a new domain, throw some links at it, and within 5 days it could potentially be on page 1. People are reporting sandbox periods of 3-6 months long.

Since a recently deleted domain has been in Google’s index for years, it is much easier to rank your articles if you base them on long-tail keywords. This domain was never actually dropped from the index. Look at its history going back to 2006:

WayBack Machine

You can actually pull up the earlier site from 2007:

And from 2011:

So when it got deleted around March 2017 and I re-registered it in June 2017, I just continued something that somebody else started, keeping some benefit from their work.

Ranking An Expired Domain

I am pretty sure that you are not in this position, but if you had a few highly authoritative domains and pointed them to an expired domain, you would see traffic rolling in from Google in a very short order. Check out the example of, an expired domain that went from zero to 3.6 million visitors in just one month by pointing a few authoritative links to it.

And see how a keyword from my site is ranking on page 2, just 4 weeks after going live. I believe this is the joint result of the deleted domain, the SSL certificate and lots of unique content. Even though this is not a money page, it shows that you CAN rank a delete/expired domain fast. Look at the top position on page 2.

on page 2

Of course in order to rank like this, you need proper keyword research and some other factors, but the potential is there.

Other Benefits of Expired Domains

Many times these expired domains also have multiple mentions on websites and on social networks like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or YouTube. The domain may even be getting traffic from social media.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you build your site on a deleted domain. Recently deleted domains could even be indexed in Google. The earlier owners already put in all this work to figure out the domain name. It is right there waiting for you to take it.

Domain Qualities You Need

.COM Domain Extension – If you have a business, your customers assume that you are using a .com domain, not any other extensions. Half of all domains that were sold last year were .com domains. Therefore I suggest, despite all the craze for these new domain extensions, that you use a .com domain, maybe a .net, which is basically interchangeable.

Brandable – Brandable domain names are those that are creative. It has to be interesting and catchy. Some of these domains are sold for thousands of dollars, just because they sound like brands.

Easy to Remember – A domain that is easy to remember is easy to market and promote to people. You need a domain you can easily promote. Nobody wants to have a website using a domain that people can’t remember.

Not Too Long – Try to keep the name as short as possible. 2-word domains are extremely awesome, 3-word domains are still good.

Keyword Rich – A keyword rich domain name is a domain that contains the keyword matching your actual business.

You should also check the metrics of the domain. You cannot always find a domain in your niche that has perfect metrics, but try to find one that has a DA of at least 15.

In terms of Majestic metrics, the CF (Citation Flow) should be in the range of the TF (Trust Flow), otherwise your domain has low quality links. If you can find a domain with TF and CF around 15, you did great.

Domain Qualities You Need To Avoid

  • Backlink anchor texts in Chinese, Japanese or some Arabic language. Such backlinks are not trusted.
  • Thousands of backlinks, but they are all from a few domains, like two or three. This is a sign of link spam, penalized by Google Penguin.
  • Links with anchor texts of porn, pharma, casino, Viagra, etc. These are considered “bad neighborhood” links. A few years ago you used to be able to rank a domain for any keyword by pointing the right anchor text links to it, that’s why you get this kind of spam.
  • A domain name word could mean something else. E.g.: While searching for a domain name with the word “domain” in it I found several domains that were along the lines of “perfect domain” that had to do with the subject of a female body and had sexual links.
  • Sitewide links. An example would be a link in the footer, e. g. “Powered by”. These appear in the footer on every single page, inflating your backlink count, but they are useless for your rankings as they are now spam.
  • Over-optimized anchor texts, e.g. the expired domain has 280 links from 271 domains, but all anchor texts say Google penalizes this.
  • Domains that were already used for redirect. In this case you will see something like this on Wayback Machine: “Got a HTTP 301 response at crawl time. Redirecting to …”
  • Membership sites will have a huge amount of backlinks, but they will be pointing to hundreds of different sub-domains created for the different members. The content will greatly vary as the members all write about something else. In this case the backlinks will be highly irrelevant and will not help your rankings very much.
  • Links from article directories, link directories, spam forum comments, sites where the last post was in 2012 and other sources that are penalized.
  • Very long keyword domains and domains with hyphens.

Avoid all the above as they get you in trouble and your site will not rank.

What Should You Do?

A domain is the first manifestation of your online business. If it gets messed up, all the work you put in later can be ruined.

You can visit, enter your keyword, pick a domain and run it through the above criteria. Make sure you do a good niche research before you pick your domain. Don’t forget to look up the tips and tricks on using

You will find more practical examples on expired domains on this page.

Once you picked your domain, you can register it for as low as $8.99 on NameSilo. See the full NameSilo review here.

There are also other alternatives for, but these will cost slightly more.

If you have a bigger budget, you can also purchase a live domain on a domain auction site.

Once you have your domain, read the tutorial on how to build a $5K website on it, which is why you want the domain in the first place.

If the above was helpful for you, please share.

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