Expired Domain Traffic Reseller Scam

Expired Domain Traffic – Easy Success?

Anyone who has been able to work online from home for any length of time will tell you that the hardest part, hands down, of making money online is trying to attract visitors to your Website. It used to be fairly easy, but these days, there are millions of Websites competing for the attention of would-be visitors. Most marketers will tell you that 90% of the work you’ll do in affiliate marketing is trying to attract traffic. That’s why expired domain traffic sounds appealing.

What is expired domain traffic? Expired domain traffic consists of visitors who are attempting to visit websites whose owners allowed the domain names to lapse. Someone else bought the domain and they’re taking advantage of the visitors that still try to reach those websites by redirecting them to other sites for profit.

How Expired Domain Traffic Works

When you purchase a domain name, you aren’t really buying it; you’re leasing it from a domain name registrar for a period of time, usually from one to ten years. If you fail to renew your domain name when it comes up for renewal, you’ll lose the rights to use that name and someone else may be able to lease it themselves. What happens to the Website that was there? It’s gone, but if someone else builds a Website that uses the same domain name, they might attract occasional visitors who are looking for the old site.

This very domain was previously owned by someone else and we probably get a visitor every now and again who’s looking for that long-gone Website. With expired domain traffic, companies buy hundreds or even thousands of domain names that have expired, looking for sites that used to attract a lot of traffic. If you buy enough of these expired domains, you’ll theoretically have access to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of visitors per day that you can redirect to other Websites.

Expired domain traffic brokers offer this traffic for sale to Website owners who are eager to get a lot of visitors to their site in a hurry and who can’t be bothered to try to attract visitors the old-fashioned way – by using proper search engine optimization techniques or creating rich, meaningful content. Expired domain traffic is a shortcut, and it’s a shortcut that doesn’t work.

Expired Domain Traffic Pricing

The pricing of expired domain traffic can be appealing; one site we recently saw offered 10,000 visitors for $39.95 and also offered one million visitors for $1299. They claim that their expired domain traffic is targeted; that is, you can choose the niche that you want your visitors to be interested in so that if you’re running a Website about dog training, you won’t get visitors from an automotive Website. A million visitors, and targeted ones at that, for $1299 is a bargain. After all, who couldn’t make money with a million visitors to their Website?

Expired Domain Traffic Scam

Here’s the problem with expired domain traffic – it’s largely a scam. In fact, the visitors you’re getting when you buy a package from one of these companies isn’t likely to be expired domain traffic at all. In most cases, the traffic is coming from bots. In the best case scenario, it’s coming from popup traffic from traffic exchanges. These are sites where people agree to view websites that don’t really interest them in order to earn credits to get visitors to their own sites.

That’s a lot of trouble, though, and the vast majority of the time, these expired domain traffic vendors just use bots to simulate visitors. If you check your stats when you buy expired domain traffic, you’ll usually see that most visitors only stayed on the site for a few seconds and almost never look at more than one page on the site.

Why isn’t there expired domain traffic really from old Websites?

Because finding a website in any niche that was generating a reasonable amount of traffic is difficult and expensive. Lots of people are constantly on the lookout for expired domains that are capable of drawing a lot of visitors, but they’re actually quite rare. Why? Because any site that is actually drawing a lot of traffic on a daily basis isn’t one that’s likely to allow their domain name to lapse. After all, sites with a lot of traffic are likely profitable, so why would anyone simply walk away from them?

Furthermore, an expired domain that’s capable of drawing a lot of visitors organically is profitable on its own. If you could find an expired domain that was drawing 1000 visitors a day, wouldn’t you be more likely to use the domain to sell something rather than to simply sell the traffic for a fraction of a penny per visitor? For that matter, couldn’t you simply resell a domain like that to someone looking for a site in that niche? Such site can often sell for thousands of dollars.

That’s why expired domain traffic is a scam. Real expired domains with genuine traffic are rare and profitable items themselves; you don’t need to sell the traffic to those domains to make money. If you did buy expire domain traffic from some of these sites, you’d find that it was all worthless and that none of the “visitors” they sent will sign up for a mailing list or buy a product.

Just for the fun of it, I entered the domain name of the site selling expired domain traffic that I found into Compete.com, which is a site that offers analysis of traffic to domains. They’ll show you how many visitors the site gets and where the traffic comes from and what kind of demographic groups the site’s visitors belong to. When I entered the site’s name, I got a message saying that Compete couldn’t provide any information because the site in question “has relatively low traffic.”

How on Earth could a site that sells expired domain traffic by the millions of visitors not have visitors itself? Because they’re not selling expired domain traffic. They’re selling a scam.

Expired domain traffic is a waste of time and all it will do is cost you money. You’ll be better off learning about good search engine optimization instead.


So what are the options?


The source of their traffic is apparently a huge amount of websites that attract visitors each day from search engines. The visitors will get redirected to your website from these. They have over 300 niche markets to make sure you get targeted traffic. The popularity of your website will get a great boost leading to the sales you need.

I actually got a free subscription of a few thousand visitors from this site. I got zero subscribers. The only result I got was that I found out that my cheap host was having trouble with a few hundred daily visitors and I switched to a better host.


I accidentally bumped into Growtraffic. For 10,000 targeted visitors you pay $28, which is roughly 0.25 cents per visitor, or 4 visitors for a penny. I don’t think you will get such cheap traffic anywhere.

Apparently they get their traffic from a large ad network that controls 20 million visitors per day. These visitors come from a combination of ads on established websites in various niches, as well as expired domain traffic. When you purchase a traffic campaign, your site is being advertised on these websites based on the category and the niche that you selected, until your purchased number of visitors is reached.

This is basically PPV (pay per visitor) traffic, just like what you get from Google Adwords, but much cheaper. Your campaign is set up within 24 hours, and once your site and ad is approved, you will start to see traffic to your site in as soon as 24-48 hours.

I didn’t actually try this site, so I can’t tell you about results.