About Us

Peter NyiriHow did this site come about? It was built on an expired domain, or more exactly speaking, on a deleted domain. It was functioning for years as a domain sales and buy/sell news website, and it expired in December 2016. The deletion process usually takes 2-3 months. I re-registered the site in June 2017.

Looking at the domain auctions, I could have spent anywhere between $229 and $15,000 for a very similar domain. Most people who start an online business simply do not have that much money for a domain (I certainly didn’t). Although I didn’t see anything wrong with most of the premium domains, they didn’t have any plus either – they were just keyword domains with few or no backlinks. And they are being sold based on age, without other metrics.

YourExpiredDomains.com is not the best domain ever. It is a brandable keyword domain with only about 50 backlinks and DA:6, PA: 18. But it is still somewhat better than the ones mentioned above. It cost me $8.99 with FREE Whois protection.  Read more…

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