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ExpiredDomains.net is no doubt the most comprehensive expired domain database on the internet. It’s kind of like an overall search engine for all the different places that you can find expired domains around the web. Even though you can just visit the site and search for domains, it is better to create a free account, as you have more options available that way. The main categories listed are expiring, expired, pending delete and auction domains.

Unfortunately ExpiredDomains.net doesn’t have an API but they are planning to create one in the future.

Update Frequency

One important thing to note is that ExpiredDomains.net is not a real-time database, however domain lists are uploaded at regular intervals. These updates are posted under “Latest Development”. Certain TLDs, such as .com, .net, .org, .info are updated once a day, while other ones more sporadically. Certain information, such as the different Majestic metrics are added when the domain is first uploaded and is not changed afterwards, therefore it is important to do your own research.

Free Expired Domain List with Metrics

ExpiredDomains.net lists over 90 metrics for its domains. High DA, high authority and high traffic is what many people concentrate on and many people are completely obsessed with only registering a domain with certain metrics, such as DA over 25, TF or CF above 15. While it makes sense to use such numbers as guidelines, you need to be aware that they are inaccurate to a degree. You can read more about inaccurate DA and backlink checker errors.

How To Use ExpiredDomains.net Filters

Before you start looking for a domain, you must have done your niche research.

I personally prefer .com domains, as the majority of people still think of the internet as .com domains. However you can still search for .net domains.

The biggest problem finding a domain is abundance. About 100,000 domains drop every day, about 70,000 .com domains. There are a total of over two million deleted .com domains alone. A percentage of these domains have been spammed before and are therefore useless, therefore this activity is similar to looking for diamonds in the trash.

The Domain Name and Pattern filters of ExpiredDomains.net help you with this greatly. First you enter your keyword, then you click on “show filter”, which will open up the filter area. This is how I set up my filters when I search for domain names:

Under he “Common” tab I set “Domains per page” to 200, then “No hyphens”. Then I ether set “No numbers” or at the numbers column I put a maximum value of 1. The reason is, I don’t want to see all these domains that have a bunch of random numbers in them, but there may be useful domains with a number in it, such as the number 4 being used. Click “only available Domains” on the right hand side to select deleted domains.

To limit the number of results, I limit the character length of the domain. E.g. for a keyword like “acai” I would set a character length of minimum 8-10, maximum 14-18. The reason is, you look for a two- or three-word domain name. “Acai” is already 4 characters, it will be another 4-5 characters to make up two words. On the other end you want to limit the length of your domain name. If you still have too many domain names showing up, just decrease the length further or set other metrics.

You can set TF, CF limits under “Adwords & SEO” , but my experience is that this will rapidly cut down the number of available domains too rapidly and this is not a reliable metric.

Then go to the “Additional” tab and you will need to mark .com and any other TLD you are looking for. Under the “Majestic” tab you can set limit the number of backlinks. I set this to max 15 if I am just looking for a brandable domain name without links (instead of using a domain suggestion tool). With this setting I see domain names like “AcaiRoot.com” or “Just Acai.com”. Otherwise I would set it to minimum 40 if I am looking for a domain with a backlink structure.

I also set the site age according to the way back machine which is WBY, and I like to have domains with at least 3 years of history.

You can also set .edu/.gov domain pops if this is what you are looking for.

When you set everything, you can download the list of domains (maximum 10,000) to a csv or a text file.

In the right-hand side of the screen there is a “Customize Columns” button where you can add to the columns being shown or take away as you like, but this will not influence the columns that get downloaded.

There is also a pattern filter that you can use, which is not simple, but you can set up number-letter-vowel-consonant combinations.

As of March 2017, DMoz has closed down, so don’t use this filter.

Once you made all your selections, click on “Apply Filter” and the results will appear. You can then save your filters with “Save search” and next time you can just pull up this search and enter a new keyword, all the filter settings will stay the same.

How To Find Quality Domains on Expireddonains.net

I personally use deleted domains. This means that the owner didn’t renew the registration and either it never went to an auction or it went through an auction and no one bought the domain. The main advantage of these is that you can register them for a regular domain registration fee, in comparison with a regular expired domain where you pay an auction fee plus a renewal fee, or a backorder which can cost around $60.

Usually the quality of deleted domains is average, but sometimes you can find some gems. The best domains usually get picked up before deletion and here you see what’s left. When the domain gets deleted, its age is reset to zero. This doesn’t make too much difference in terms of future ranking, just make sure the domain didn’t drop too many times.

When I look for domains with a good backlink profile, what I like to do next is sort by BL (Majestic Backlinks) or DP (domain pop), which is basically the number of linking domains. Both can be misleading, but this is a good start. After this you need to run your domains through backlink analysis and domain spam check.

Pending Delete Domains

Click on the pending delete button which is right next to the Go Daddy Auction’s button. This shows you domains that are in their 5-day period just before deletion. This is the only time period when you can backorder a domain.

Mostly the greatest pending delete domains will get snapped up in a flash. You can’t just sit on your computer at your favorite registrar and wait for it drop on a certain date and expect to get it because there’s going to be a lot of other people gunning for that domain, and they have much better computer resources than you do. You actually have to use a dropcatch service if the cycle goes this far, which will cost you around $60.

However if you want a domain, it is much better bid on it in the auction, before it gets to the pending delete stage, in which case you will get the domain at auction price plus renewal fee. You have a much better chance to acquire the domain than waiting for a dropcatch company to catch it at deletion.

Expired Domains

Many years ago, when a domain name expired they would drop from the registry and become available for registration by anyone. Domain name registrars then realized that they could auction expired domain names to the highest bidder and generate additional profit. If no one wants the domain names in the auction, the domains would only then drop.

If you want to register a domain name that is expired but not deleted yet, you need to determine the name of the domain registrar that has the domain. Then you would find the auction company that partners with the domain registrar and there you can make a bid on the domain. The best-known auction houses are GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, NameCheap, SnapNames and Pool.

ExpiredDomains.net simplifies this process – you can just click on the domain name and it will take you straight to the registrar where it is registered and you can place your bid.

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