The Domain Name Expiration Process

Domain Expiry – What happens when a domain expires? Once someone decides to discontinue a website, there are still several months before the domain registration expires. Usually five days after the domain name expires, DNS servers of the domain name will be changed & all services associated with the domain name (website, emails) will stop … Read more

Do Exact Matched Domains Still Work In 2023?

Do You Get Penalized for Using Exact Matched Domains? There are mixed opinions on whether you should be using an exact match domain for your website. What is an exact match domain (EMD)? It is a domain that has the exact keyword in it that you are trying to rank it for. E.g. is … Read more

How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your $5K Site

Monetizing your website is where your profits will come from. There are several different ways you can do this. Different affiliate programs follow different models. Most people mean this last one when they talk about affiliate programs. Most people tell you to sign up for affiliate program networks and promote available programs. The problem is … Read more

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