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Abandoned Domains Hijacked By Spammers

“Was The Morningside Post website hacked?” a friend asked me. The site, which I once co-edited, seemed to have died, and returned as a zombie version of itself. About five months ago, my successors at TMP—the student-run news publication at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs—accidentally allowed their site’s web domain registration to […]

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Domain Renewal Phishing Scams

When I received a letter in the mail asking me to renew my domain name, I immediately recognized it as a scam. The letter was designed to look like a bill, even including a return envelope for me to send payment to a company called iDNS Canada. I’d never heard of them before. The letter […]

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200k+ Parked/Expired Domains Used to Distribute Malicious Ads

Today, we’ll show you another questionable million-dollar business on expired domain names that hurts completely unrelated third-party sites. Here’s the story. A client’s site began to show annoying “XWINNER COM” ads and they wanted us to investigate the issue and clean the site. The research for this post was performed in collaboration with the Sucuri […]

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How To Make Money From Expired Domain Names

Yes, it is possible to make money from expired domains, however be warned that it is not easy. There are about 100,000 domains expiring every single day, therefore there is no shortage to work from. But it is just like any other business requiring your hard work. There is no free money on the internet, […]

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Black Friday Sale! $0.89 Hosting, Free Domain, Free SSL

Hostinger has just announced a limited time Black Friday sale!!! (expires in 5 days from posting) Premium Web Hosting $0.89/month Make your WordPress fly for a low price! Speed and ultimate performance is the result of our cloud-based infrastructure, NGINX and latest PHP7 supported technologies. Premium WordPress performance can be cheap! The balance between our […]

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How Long Before Expired Domain Becomes Available?

Usually, a domain name is not available for re-registration as soon as it expires. See the Domain Name Expiration Process. Totally it will take up to 70–75 days, depending upon certain registrar. The domain deletion process goes as follows: Redemption Grace Period of 1-45 days Redemption Period – 30 Days Deletion Days – 5 Days […]

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Expired Domain Spam Check Guide

How To Spam Check Expired Domains When finding and registering expired domains, you’ll get several heart attacks because you think you found the greatest domain of all time, just to find out it’s actually been penalized by Google. An expired domain that has been spammed is likely to be have been banned by Google as […]

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