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So You Want To Buy Expired Domains…

To find a good domain name is very difficult as most of the best names have already been taken. You may have to search for hours and you need to be lucky if you want to find a domain name of your choice.

Every day hundreds of domain names expire and then become available again. An expired domain is a name which was previously registered but its registration was not renewed or if the registrant was defaulted on payment. Usually the owner of the domain name gets a 30 day grace period to renew their domain name during the time frame. During these 30 days all the services are shut off, but the owner can still renew it. If the owner fails to renew it, the domain status falls into the redemption period.

During this period too the owner can renew his domain but that will cost him an additional fee to re-register and reactivate it. If still the owner does not renew it, the domain then expires. These expired domains can be repossessed and made available for anyone who wants to register with it. As there are millions of people registering domain names, so more domain names are allowed to expire so that people can easily find names of their choice. Day by day to find a new unregistered domain name is becoming difficult.

To purchase an expired domain name you can check different websites online who research and compile a list of available domain names. You have to subscribe with them and you can go through the domains.

Usually the problem with many such services is that they don’t take into consideration the spam factor. The domains listed are not usually checked for spam and previous over-optimization. Therefore you should be familiar with my post on How To Buy Expired Domains With Backlinks and run your domains through a spam check.

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

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