Blogs That Make $5,000 A Month Online And Why You Don’t

Monetizing your blog is an evergreen subject. But how do you make $5,000 per month?

Find a blog/website that already does and follow their strategies. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Therefore I decided to review websites that fall into this category and analyze how they make $5k/month.

But before we get into the winners…

The Only Reason YOU Are Not Making Money Online

Imagine that a Zulu comes to New York City. He knows nothing about the western civilization. He is supposed to go to an important party where he is going to be introduced and different people give him free advice. One tells him to wear a tie. The other one shows him the basics of dancing. The third one shows him how to use a fork.

The Zulu goes to the party and he is wearing a tie with a completely wrinkled shirt. Everyone just laughs at him and his participation is a failure. He did not even have an idea that his shirt was wrinkled … And this is exactly how you fail with monetizing your site – the wrinkles you don’t even know about.

The Problem With Free Stuff

Let me explain this a bit more.

Most new online entrepreneurs try to use the free stuff that is around. I am sorry I have to tell you the sad truth but this is in your best interest: The chance that you will make money from free stuff is very small and even if you do, it can take you a long time. Why?

First, a lot of this free stuff is teasers and ads. They are just not comprehensive enough to give you results. And because you are like the Zulu in the above example, you are not going to see the wrinkles on your shirt…

Imagine you are trying to learn how to do surgery. Are you going to learn it by reading the hospital fliers or even by reading Wikipedia on how to do heart surgery?

Not really. You need to do a lot of comprehensive study and do some surgery under the practical guidance of someone that actually did.

The same goes for all the other fields like becoming an electrician or a car mechanic.

So why would you expect to learn doing online business from a few superficial e-books? Why do you expect it to be different?

Why New Websites Fail

Most people who start niche sites quit within the first three months.

Why? When people start niche sites, they take the wrong actions.

They’ll waste their first three months putting in a lot of work into things that don’t bring visitors and sales.

And they’ll have NOTHING to show for it other than a bunch of content that no one ever sees.

But they’ll have NO TRAFFIC and NO SALES.

Why? They don’t have a system that works.

How To Learn To Be Successful

You need to realize that doing an online business has a lot of subjects to it, especially if you consider that there are more than one ways to do it.

Each of these subjects has a comprehensive body of knowledge to it. Such subjects would be setting up a blog, using Facebook to generate traffic, link building, using Pinterest, etc.

Take any of these fields and you will see that

  • You will need to be able to do the physical implementation.
  • A lot of detailed practical experience is needed to tell what works (a tiny little detail that you don’t even see can double – or cut in half – your profits).
  • A complete system will never be given to you for free.
  • Someone will need to be there to guide you trough the learning process and answer all your questions, handle your problems.

Unfortunately you are wasting your time if you are waiting for free methods to work for you. How much time have you wasted so far?

Free methods don’t give you a complete system that works.

There are more than one way to make money online. Choose one that works and stick to it.

The best thing to do is find a specific channel/method that you have familiarity with, or you feel you could do it. This could be Facebook ads, Pinterest, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, whatever it is. Then find a course that has a reasonable price, an obviously proven record and includes some form of coaching or Q & A.

Sales Funnel: You Are Losing Income

The key for monetizing your site is your sales funnel. This requires several skills:

  1. It requires knowledge and strategy on your part to structure the funnel to lead people through a series of steps to your main offering and maximize revenue.
  2. You need the ability to design the pages to convert best. This includes sales copywriting to convince people to take the action to opt in and ultimately purchase.
  3. You also need technical knowledge to build the funnel and integrate it with your payment gateway and your site.

It is the sales funnel that converts your visitors into dollars. HOW the funnel is structured will determine whether you will make $10 or $10,000 for every 1,000 people that visit your site.

Getting Traffic Into Your Funnel

People are obsessed with getting free traffic.

However it is more vital that you create a sequence that enables you to invest $1 in advertising and create $10 in sales. Then you don’t have to worry about traffic at all. You don’t have to generate “free” traffic by writing blog posts and SEO. (You still can.)

Find where your audience is on Facebook. Target them up with an ad. Find the high traffic blogs that your audience visits and just purchase an ad there.

And now here are the sites that make at least $5K/month.

Human Proof Designs

This is a site run by Dom Wells that creates Amazon affiliate niche sites for sale and they also have a few more services.

Their slogan is, “Don’t waste up to 10 months wondering why your Amazon affiliate site isn’t making you a dime.”

They have over $30,000 in revenue and over $10,000 in profits.

>> Visit Human Proof Designs site <<

>> Read Full Review <<

Matthew Woodward’s SEO blog

Matt started a challenge to build a top blog without any link building.

He didn’t pay for ads, didn’t build links, didn’t pay for traffic. He only used human interaction build up his blog.

He launched his blog in August 2012 and in September 2012 his blog made $4,006.88 in profits from 4,518 Visitors.

He is now making well over $5K a month.

>> Visit Site <<


This top 100 business blog of Stuart Walker is making him $150,000 per year from affiliate marketing and had over 1 million visitors.

His goal is to help every day people find their perfect online business idea and win back their freedom, even if they don’t have any business experience.

He is another example of writing hundreds of pages of very detailed epic content with his team. His posts contain lots of external resources.

>> Visit Site <<

This Is Why I’m Broke

This is a really interesting site. Their business model is entirely affiliate marketing. They feature interesting and weird items that you can buy on Amazon and similar websites. This creates great interest.

They don’t try to sell these products. The aim is to get their visitors over to Amazon, etc. to check out these interesting products. A browser cookie is placed in the visitor’s browser and the referrer gets an affiliate commission if the visitor buys anything.

To give you an idea how greatly this works, they make tens of thousands of dollars a month just from Amazon affiliate commissions, even though Amazon has a relatively low affiliate commission percentage and short cookie duration.

>> Visit Site <<

Melyssa Griffin

Income: Over $200,000
Melyssa Griffin passionately helps bloggers and online businesses grow their audience.

One of her best courses is called Pinfinite Growth, which comes from Pinterest and Infinite. This is the same system she used to grow her monthly page views to 300,000 and expand her email list to over 75,000 subscribers.

>> Read full review  on Pinfinite Growth<<

The other one is Social Media Superhero, which shows you how to grow an authentic following on social media, full of people who love your work.

Mage Omega

This is a special eCommerce program created by Greg Jacobs, using Facebook ads. It is called RDSPF, short for Rapid Deployment Single Product Funnels.

eCommerce is a widespread way to make money online. Rather than using an entire eCommerce store like Shopify or WooCommerce, this strategy sets up a sales funnel that advertises a single hot selling product on Facebook and creates revenue thereby.

He spent millions of dollars in Facebook ads to test the exact funnels that work, down to every detail, starting from the exact ad layout, testing the product’s profitability, the order page and the upsell.

>> Read Full Review <<

>> Download PDF eCommerce Blueprint <<

>>See full video on Mage Omega (2 hrs) <<

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