Mage Omega Review – Rapid Deployment Single Product Funnels

Mage Omega: How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

Mage Omega is a special eCommerce sales funnel system created by Greg Jacobs for selling one product at a time, using Facebook ads. It is called RDSPF, short for Rapid Deployment Single Product Funnels. It is not always available for sign-up for the public.

Note: I did this review from my personal experience with an earlier version of Mage Omega. The current updated version is Mage Omega X and contains even more features. I had the privilege to watch the actual videos myself and that’s how I wrote this review. This post contains affiliate links and I may get a commission as a result.

Note: If after reading all this data and watching the videos you are really determined to get in, even though the program is currently closed, send me a note through my contact form and I may be able to get you in.

I recommend that you study this post and subject and watch the webinar, even if you are not ever going to build a funnel like this, just because it will give you insider data and ideas that you can use in any other field, such as affiliate marketing or in your eCommerce store.

The Best Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the single key element for profits and conversions. It is the sales funnel that makes the difference if you will make $10 or  $1,000 from the same amount of traffic and products, therefore this is very important.

You need a sales funnel if you have an online store, if you have an affiliate site, or any other online operation.

There are different types of sales funnels. The specialty of Mage Omega is that it is set up for one single product per funnel. The product needs to have a “cool factor” to it and you can set up as many funnels as you want to.

The whole Mage Omega system is very thoroughly tested with millions of dollars and the best setups have been isolated. Greg has his Facebook ad system that is the backbone of driving traffic.

As I said, this system is useful for other eCommerce and affiliate operations. It shows you how you weed out a multitude of non-winner products (thereby decreasing your risk), pick a potential best-selling product and test it for just $20, using Facebook’s self-targeting algorithm.

Then you either dump the product, or scale it. With his product selection criteria your get a winner from every 5 products or so.

Greg also shows you how you can double or triple your profits with just one tiny change in the upsell, and you absolutely need to know this.

Store vs Single Product

Having a store is a great way to sell, however it has some disadvantages.

  • You have to list a huge number of products, some of them will sell, some won’t.
  • There are too many choices and this decreases conversion rate.

As a general rule, there are always products that sell an products that don’t. In your store maybe you will have 1 out of 50 products that sells, but the ratio could be better or worse.

Have you ever thought about it that having products in your store that don’t actually sell distract your buyers from buying?

The Mage Omega System

The Mage Omega Rapid Deployment Single Product Funnels were made to solve the above situation.

As there is only one product, plus an upsell, per funnel, only those click on your ad who are already interested. Here is an example:

funnel landing page

As you can see, this is s very clean, simple design with every single element thoroughly tested and optimized.

This is how the RDSPF system works for the customer:

  1. Person clicks on the Facebook ad that promotes that one product, because they are interested.
  2. The customer lands on your page. They only have one product to buy. There are no distractions, recommendations or ads to lower the conversion rate.
  3. If the visitor decides to buy, he’s asked to fill out his information. There is no redirection to a payment processor or lengthy checkout.
  4. As a bonus, you can offer your new customer a one-click upsell. Here is an example:

upsell page

The customer already placed the order, you have his credit card and shipping address, and it is a matter of only one click to add the additional product to the order. Experience shows that a certain percentage (could be around 30 percent) takes the upsell, thereby improving your profits without having to drive additional traffic.

This is how it works from your perspective:

  1. You find a product using Greg’s system
  2. You deploy one of the Done-4-You funnels
  3. Drive traffic to it (Greg covers wide range of traffic methods in the course)

No need to build a WordPress site and write content, no need to learn Shopify, WooCommerce or any other eCommerce platform. In fact, you even get templates for your funnels, so all you have to do is change the text.

Some Details of the System

The products that are used are selected from AliExpress using popularity criteria, with ePacket shipping, delivery time is usually around 10 days. Of course you can use any other merchant that works for you.

The only catch really is that not all products are winners. On an average you spend $20 on Facebook advertising to test one product, and you get a winner product out of every 5-6 if you follow the product selection videos exactly.

You get an exact upsell strategy to double your profits from each sale. This is based on actual experience derived from millions of dollars sales value.

Once you have your winner product, you scale it.

The system uses ClickFunnels and once you sign up, Greg loads his very own funnels into your account and you just change the product specifics to contain your product. The whole system is all provided to you with access to Greg for any questions.

Greg provides all the information to make your site look trusted and completely legitimate – the funnel has your own domain name, business contact information, About page, logos, etc.

You also get a detailed guide on how to decrease refunds, scams, how to handle customer complaints, etc.

The product costs just over $1,000 and payment plan is available.

Registration is not open at all times, as after sign-up Greg walks his students through the course and is available for consultation.

The Facebook Ads

As I mentioned, the system uses Facebook ads and the exact ad strategy is provided to you. It uses Facebook’s advanced abilities to optimize your ad to the target audience that buys that specific product.

You are walked through how to create and run these ads step by step.

The program has 4 different funnels, #1 and #2 are the ones you should concentrate on as a beginner.

Master Funnel 1: (this is your regular sales funnel)

This program is also known as the Retail Multi-Unit Pricing Matrix and consists of four components that are:

  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • RMU Master Funnel Template
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that offer at least 300% profit on every sale
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting

The funnel helps a person to understand the template through visuals and templates. Videos and PDF guides are also available to facilitate further grip on the topic. The Master Funnel Template is fully explained and is also easy to implement.

Master Funnel #2:

This funnel is also known as the Free PLUS Shipping model. It consists of the following


  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting
  • FS Master Funnel Template
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that give a minimum of 300% profit on every sale

All the hard work is already baked and prepared for the users of this model. The only thing that a person needs to do is copy and paste the template for a new product. The template is also learned in detail

Master Funnel #3:

The third template is the Mage Viral and it comprises of:

  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that are sure to give at least 300% profit on every sale
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting
  • MV Master Funnel Template

This template is also a ready-made model that needs to be copy and pasted with replacing product. Further details are covered by the videos and PDF documents.

There is also a Master Funnel #4, but that is a lot more advanced, has to do with fundraisers and therefore I am not going to describe it.


As I mentioned briefly, Mage Omega uses ClickFunnels. This is good and bad at the same time.

ClickFunnels has a $100 monthly fee and you are limited to 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors per month. The unlimited plan costs $297/month. This price is really steep. If you add this to the slightly over $1,000 fee of the Mage Omega system, and a couple of hundred dollars on Facebook advertising, that’s a lot of money to spend, despite the 14-day free trial. If you don’t have upfront capital to invest, this is not really your option.

On thee plus side you get all the ready-made funnels from Greg and you just need to clone them to your specific product.

I looked into other solutions, and yes, you could build this system using ClickFunnels alternatives at a lower cost, but you need to know what you are doing. See the full review of the different ClickFunnels alternatives.


“I got this course back in January and have probably not done as well as some of the people in the private facebook group, but really it is my fault because I got distracted with some personal issues.

“but I can say that I am earning a steady $500-600 a week and that is through just one product.

“The method that Greg teaches is a quantity over quality way – meaning that he teaches to not put too much effort into any one particular product in the beginning because you don’t know what is going to succeed and what is no so Greg teaches to just plop 5 products up at a time and throw $5 ads at them scatter shot.

“From there we find a ‘winner’ and then start to scale and refine it.

“The strategy was a little off-putting for me at first because i am a bit of a perfectionist, however I realized that in all of my other eCom adventures, i usually failed anyways and this I succeeded. So go figure

“Greg says the product is the most important thing, the targeting, the ad, the micro tweaking secondary – so we just need to find our winner and run with it.

“I hope to get back into it this week – he also is solid in the ongoing support and training – bringing in guest teachers and active daily on the FB group showing what is working.”

(This review is not from my personal application of the program.)

Download & Videos

There is a 6-minute PDF that you can download here:

>> Download PDF eCommerce Blueprint <<

There is a 2-hour video that explains the entire system, including product research, which you can also use in creating any other eCommerce dropship business.

>>See full video on Mage Omega <<

>> The Final Workshop (Greg Teaches Rapid Dropshipping Funnels) <<

Note: If you are really determined to get in, even though the program is closed, send me a note through my contact form and I may be able to get you in with a 10 percent discount code.

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