Should you Build a Private Blog Network on Expired Domains

What is a Private Blog Network?

It is a number of blogs that someone owns just for the sole purpose of linking to their money site and boosting its rankings.

In the earlier days the practice was to register a bunch of expired domains, put 5 pages of spinned content on them, then link hundreds of them to your money site.

Is This Against Google’s Guidelines?

It absolutely is. But please note that ALL link building may be a violation of Google’s guidelines.

Do people still do it? They absolutely do and many report it still works, just the rules of the game have changed.

They say you can’t put spammy spinned content on these blogs any more. You cannot link hundreds of them to your money site any more, otherwise they will get flagged.

The owners put them on different hosts, different IP addresses, register them under made-up names or Whois protection, etc. I am not going to go over all the tricks.

I did read a blog where the owner, who owns about 2,000 of them, explains all the tricks and how he uses Virtual Assistants to run all his blogs like this through a Google Docs spreadsheet. Very advanced, lots of work, good profits.

Should You Use PBNs?

This is a question everyone has to decide for himself. I have seen people describe it saying it’s like building a business in a burning house.

Up to recently I didn’t believe this was a great strategy, but recently I ran into some data that made me change my mind.

Here are some cons that you can read:

  • There is always the possibility that Google will penalize your blog. They would all need to be able to pass a manual review.
  • One site is enough work, especially if you are a beginner. Running 20 sites is a lot more work.
  • If you are already building a second site and third one, you could just do the job all the way and make them into a full blown site. It took me weeks to write all the initial content for this site.
  • If you need links from a 100 sites, why not jut do standard link building and get links from high DA sites? It is less work and less costly than maintaining 100 sites.

The Secret On PBNs

As I mentioned above, I ran into new data on the subject. Matt Woodward put together a video series that is not available any more, but I was fortunate enough to see it. Here are some of the main points:

There is one singe reason for all the hype and publicity you see against the use of PBNs. There is one reason why you see all the spectacular show-off of how people lose tens of thousands of visitors when these networks get found:

They are the most effective link building strategy ever.

The PBNs that you see advertised are really NOT private… They are not real PBNs. Google can track them down and competitors can report them and get them de-indexed.

A real PBN is not known by others, you don’t sell links from it to others, cannot be discovered by bots, it passes manual inspection and it looks like a regular site.

There is an exact technology on how to build them. They would cost you around $25 per year and they are not difficult to build if you know how.

Matt released the MarketerSeal SEO Certification Course with all the details. It is based on lots of testing, nut just some copy/paste bullshit.

Unfortunately the registration is now closed, as he is concentrating on helping his students get through the course. Here are the highlights:

  • How to increase the traffic & rankings of any website in any niche in 2017
  • How to build sites in your network the right way to avoid detection
  • How to budget for your network and save money on domains & hosting
  • How to find the best domains for your network & which metrics you must look out for 15 different sources of powerful domains for you to take advantage of
  • How to hide your private blog network from your competitors
  • The best strategies for deploying links to your site(s) from your network

Matt answered an important question: How many PBNs does it take to rank a site? He says you would start with 3-5 PBNs…

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